My parents were already 40 years old when I was born. The age difference resulted in the early loss of all my grandparents, however I was 20 when I stepped for the first time in a graveyard, for my grandma’s cremation. Shortly before I turned 22, my father committed suicide. He had been depressed and at a certain point life weighed too much for him. I was present and witnessed the entire episode. A couple of days later we went to his funeral. He couldn’t be cremated because of how he died, so he was buried. Since then, I never went back to visit his grave.

I believe this photo series is an attempt to find peace within myself and with him. The moments I spent photographing allowed me to get in touch with what happened and I was able to think about my father. Throughout several walks in different cemeteries I realized the statues fascinated me. They impersonate a place that is actually about people, characterizing at what visible and hinting at what is not. They represent to me each and every soul beneath the earth and I feel honoured to portray them.

The double exposure combing stone and nature helped me to create my own world. The images were shot with Mamiya 7 II and 120mm Rollei RPX 400 film.

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