Erregung öffentliches Ärgernis  |  Excitement public nuisance

The performer Rosiris Garrido came to me with an idea to do a collaboration work that would blend aerial acrobatics with photography in a different context as one would approach.
The artist Sebastian Stumpf was a reference to this concept. Whilst Stumpf photographs himself standing on urban locations, we have as a base of our work the natural environment.

Questions such as: how does a body fuses or not in an environment? what does a body add or modify in a scenery?       when does body complete and when does it disturb ?
Through those questions, we researched spaces which could inspire this art project.
As a starting point, we chose a colossal tree in Falkensee, Berlin, Germany during winter time. The bareness of the landscape combined with the naked body provides an encounter of symbiosis. By changing the body shape on the space we create a disharmony on this harmonic symbiosis.

We see this deconstruction on the two pictures we are presenting. The project is still on-going and the next step will be to explore the trees’ mutations throughout the seasons in relation to the performative variations of this naked body.

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