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Erregung öffentliches Ärgernis  |  Excitement public nuisance

FKK, Freikörperkultur, is an expression in German and it means free body culture or the well-known custom of taking the clothes off in nature. However, §183 Code says that within urban centers anyone who practices sexual acts publicly (…) causes a nuisance and will be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine.

The artist Rosiris Garrido came to me with the proposal for a collaborative work where analog photography would approach the limits of the naked body in extremely delicate scenarios. As soon as we sat down to interpret the idea two questions about the body immediately arose. How does a naked body merge in an environment? What does it add or modify in different scenarios?

For the first image, we chose to create an encounter between the body and a tree at Falkensee, a lake in West Berlin. The nakedness of the body, before that of the landscape, generated an immediate symbiosis through a harmonic alteration of the scenery and the body became invisible and part of space.
In the industrial landscape images, we see the opposite, where the contrast between nudity and landscape is visibly greater. It seems that something doesn’t fit in the industrial sphere and this leads us to think about the man and the System, capitalist oppression, and Christian moralism. Through this, we are led to think that nudity is a crime.

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