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Self-Portraits during Quarantine
May 2020

August 10th 2020
Virtual exhibition series Self-Portrait on Quarantine, Internacional Casulo (Capullo /Coccon) on Confluencias de Arte

August 19th 2020
Virtual exhibition series Self-Portrait on Quarantine- “Meu Mundo em Porta Retrato”, Coletivo Fotógrafas Garulhos

I didn't choose to be in Brazil during quarantine at my parents' house where I grew up and where it brings me so many unwanted memories. Confinement is for me a family experience. My room was always a safe place of isolation and refuge especially in the countless times when my father, an authoritarian and aggressive man, forbade me to leave the house. I grew up, he died; and I left the house and the country. Right now, strangely, I'm back. Self-knowledge, freedom of expression and sexuality are not part of my past in this room but they surfaced. Combined with this, there is an emptiness and sadness with the absolute imprecision of what will come next. Inside my head I struggle between keeping myself awake and productive or giving in to the reverie of who I am, what I know, what I believe, what we will do or who we will be. In this series of self-portraits, these thoughts are images.

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